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Why choose Get Psyched?

Wendy is a sports parent, coach, and was a gymnast in the 1992 Olympics; she knows what it's like to compete on the World's Stage. 

Many think in order to be at the top of your sport, you can't have fears, doubts, or struggles. Her career proves that isn't true. She is a great example of overcoming struggles and challenges. 

Every athlete can experience stress and pressures and we work with all athletes from beginners to elite level. 

Through her experience and education, Wendy has the knowledge and knows what it takes to bring your game from good to great. 


What is Peak Performance/Mental Training?

Peak Performance Coaching trains athletes how to uncover challenges and solve problems. We are proud of our Breakthrough Performance Coaching and Programs that create a winning mindset.


Train to:

  • Overcome Fears and Mental Blocks
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  • Focus and get into the Zone
  • Compete with Confidence
  • Cope with Distractions

Start Here

We are here to help!

Break through today!

  • You go to every class
  • You've added private lessons
  • You know you can do it
  • But nothing seems to be working

Mental Blocks are frustrating and can cause a lot of sleepless nights. We know that you want it, but there is something that is holding you back. 

Our workbook is filled with information to help any athlete overcome their fears.

Webinars, Lectures, and Interviews

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