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Growing Champions for Life, David Benzel

Being a sports parent is not easy. You have to juggle your family, school, career, and so on. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming. 

Our Partner, David Benzel, owner of Growing Champions for Life, is one of the leading Experts in the sports parenting felid. 

Click on the link to find tips, article, webinars, and applicable advice. 

Parents role in the Mental Game

Breaking Through a Mental Block

Your athlete needs to up their game, what can you do to help?

We teach each athlete how to become aware of their Self-Talk, Focus, How to overcome fears, Uncover Challenges and Distractions, Refocus after Distractions, Remain Composed, Grow Confidence, and learn to be independent and autonomous. 

We help them prepare a Pre-Competition Plan and routine. 

Sports parents play a huge role in supporting and Empowering their athletes. Click the link below to find articles and advice.

Safety First

USOC SafeSport link

It is your responsibility to keep your athlete safe. The US Olympics Committee created a division called SAFESPORT to help set boundaries, educate, and be a place to report unsafe coaches or professionals. 

Click the link to read more about SAFESPORT and how to protect your athlete from sexual, mental, emotional, and physical abuse. 

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