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Camps and Clinics

We have different options to make us a part of your camp or clinic. Depending on your needs, we design each program to match the style of the camp or clinic. We can be a rotation, an add on during break, or provide the Lesson Plans to use our information.  

We also offer special pricing to all the athletes who are a part of the camp or clinic for one-on-one training. 

Motivational Speaking

If you want to prepare your team for a big competition and you want them to have that extra edge, we can help. 

Again each talk is designed on the needs of the team or athletes. From focus to reducing stress, we prepare worksheets and/or powerpoint for a complete motivational performance. 

HeadSTRONG, Lesson plans for Gymnastics coaches

Our HeadSTRONG program is a 16 week course to implement to your club. It contains all the general Mental Training principles as well as the challenges gymnasts face during training and competition. 

This program is designed to train the coach or gym owner to become their own Peak Performance coach. This workbook contains worksheets, activities, and tips.

For more information click on the link. 

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Coach the Coaches

Do you want help learning the secrets on how to get the most from your athletes? Bring us in for coaches clinics. We partnered up with Growing Champions for Life and together we bring a complete package to educated the coaches, parents, and athletes.