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Many Cheerleader's Goals are to WIN Worlds or Summit. That's a fabulous goal. To achieve that goal, you will want to:

Know HOW to HIT your skills

Know how to Focus attention

Know how to remain Composed

Know you CAN and WILL perform 

Know your Plan

1. Know HOW to HIT your skills

When you step onto the floor, are you hoping to HIT or do you know HOW to HIT? Over the next couple of weeks gain this knowledge. Answer each question for each part of your routine and skills.

  • Do you know how to hit all of your skills? 
  • Do you know the technique, timing, and rhythm?
  • Do you know your Visual and Performance Cues?
  • Do you know how to adjust or correct your mistakes?
  • Do you how to repeat your skills? 

2. Know how to Focus attention

Once you know HOW to HIT, you will put that knowledge into action. When you take the floor, you will use your Cues.

  • Cues are one word reminders or signals that keep your Focus in the present moment
  • Create Cues for each of your skills
  • Always start at the beginning of the skill and continue to the ending motion
  • Keep your Cues directed towards what you want to do

3. Know how to remain Composed

What will you do when start to get nervous? Do you know how to recognize when you are Distracted and how to Refocus back to your Cues?

  • Make a list of your worrying thoughts 
  • Decide if you can or can't control these situations
  • Solve any problems then decide what you WANT to do
  • Focus back to HOW to HIT

4. Know you CAN and WILL perform

Do the work during practice. If you want to be confident, you must train to be confident. You must do the work. 

  • Train until you KNOW you CAN
  • Train in Pressure situation
  • Uncover Obstacles
  • Create Solutions
  • Train in every Pressure situation until you can't get it wrong

5. Know your Plan

Do you know when you are at your best? Are you excited or relaxed? Know when you are at your Ideal Performance State (IPS) and then create your Plan to a achieve it. You will not be able to force yourself into a mood, but you will be able to create an environment that allows you to reach your IPS.

  • Write your Process Goals
  • What the Breathing techniques you will use to relax or get centered, Create a music playlist to pump you up
  • Create Theme words to direct your effort
  • Use your Cues
  • Commit and Trust yourself 


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