Overcoming Mental Blocks, Gymnastics Journal, HeadSTRONG, and Physically Strong/ Mentally Tough available here.

Breaking Through a Mental Block


This workbook guides the athlete through the emotional frustrations of having a Mental Block and helps Empower them with the tools they need to breakthrough. No other workbook understands overcoming mental blocks like this. This one is written by an athlete for athletes. 


Gymnastics Journal


Track your daily training progress with Intentional Mental and Physical Goals. Have fun adding pictures and cut outs of your favorite Empowering Quotes or create your own. Use the Competition section to create a Pre-Competition Plan before each meet and use the Post-Competition Review to Plan for the next meet. 


HeadSTRONG Coaches Lesson Plans

HeadSTRONG Lesson plans for Gymnastics Coaches and Gym Owners

This book is for the Gymnastics Program. It contains valuable information about Positive Coaching and lays out teaching in an easy to follow week by week plan. HeadSTRONG contains 16 weeks of Mental Training Tools and Activities and takes the team through competition season with Pre-Competition Plans and Post-Competition Reviews. Each week is filled with the Mental Training principles needed to Peak Performance. Along with the basic principles are the Lessons on how to overcome the challenges and struggles associated with gymnastics training and competition. This workbook is an essential asset to every gym in our country. We are proud to be used in gyms in the United States, Canada, and Australia   

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Physically Strong Mentally Tough for Cheer Programs


This book is for Cheerleading Programs. It includes worksheets, activities, and tips from leading Cheer Coaches. Make this book a part of your program. It takes the cheerleader through what it takes to be a Physically Strong and Mentally Tough world class athlete. 

This is a Win-Win. Make Peak Performance Training a part of your program as well as profiting the financial benefits.

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